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I took a picture story of all the different animals I saw in Woburn Safari Park. 

Squirrel monkey in 'Monkey Business'


Wallabies in 'Australian Walkabout'


 The park has a foot safari, where you can see the smaller animals such as the monkeys and wallabies. It is so much better than a zoo as the animals are allocated to much bigger and better habitats. It is also a much better experience for the visitors as you can actually go into their surroundings and view the animals more naturally, rather than behind bars. 

However I was quite thankful that there was a barrier protecting me from the bigger animals….

Asian Elephant


 The penguins were my favourite. 

They waddled about the water’s edge….. 

Humboldt Penguins


And Posed for the camera…


Next was a visit to see the goats. An old billy-goat gruff was really not interested in me (pictured below). 

Me and a billy-goat


 In order to do the next part which was the road safari, I needed my car…. 

Dora my dear old car


Next stop was the Kingdom of the Carnivores where we met lions and tigers, who were just a bit too close for comfort. 


I remember being very scared when this picture (below) was taken.
After seeing the big cats it calmed down a bit….only just a bit… As we drove through the African Savannah section where we saw the rhinos (pictured below).

And then we drove through the desert to see the Bactrian Camels (pictured below). 


The last leg of the Safari was driving through the African Forest, where the monkeys kept us amused with their cheeky antics (pictured below).

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