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  When Penguin Group rang me and offered me a two-week placement over Easter I was over the moon. I had completely forgotten I had applied, thinking that nothing would ever come of it. But the well-known book publishers seemed very happy to take me on, which I was eternally grateful for.

 On my first day I typically got lost. Clutching my trusty Google map print off, I wandered the streets of London. After a few wrong turns and repeated steps I asked a friendly doorman to direct me. After he had pointed me in the right direction I found the building in a beautiful location overlooking Westminster gardens.

 I sat waiting for my supervisor in the reception awed by the display of the recent books they had published. I then met my supervisor who was really friendly and nice. She gave me a tour of the building, in which we were on the top floor. Thank God there was a lift. Actually there was about six lifts, talk about spoilt for choice!

 I was working with the publicity team who were all really nice and were constantly busy. The work that I was involved in was really exciting as I got to do press releases, and make posters and flyers, for new books and the launches. I also attended meetings which made me feel really involved. I was allocated to my own desk and computer in perfect view of the London eye which was pretty spectacular seeing how high we were.

 I would definitely jump at the chance to go back to Penguin as it was such a rewarding experience. Even the commute was okay, except on the last day when the tube decided to turn its lights off so everyone had to get off on to the platform and then pile into the next one. But all in good time I was home wishing I was back in the exciting hub of London.


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