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In my two years of living in Bournemouth I have discovered that going for a burger is the best hangover cure. In this time I have had some of the best burgers, and now I have decided to compare my favourites in terms of taste and value for money. These include JD Weatherspoons, Inferno, o’neills, and Harvester

Gourmet Burger at Weatherspoons

I started with the JD Weatherspoons in Winton, named The Parkstone and Heatherlands. Usually I don’t rave about their burgers, however this time I tried the gourmet burger, pictured left, priced at £5.49, including a drink and was very impressed. There was so much taste in the burger, filled with onion rings, bacon, and mountains of cheese. The relish was also very tasty. I award this burger a 9/10 for its value for money and a 8/10 for its taste, as the chips could do with some improvement. 


Harvester Burger

  At Harverster I had a beef burger, pictured right, priced at £4.99. Unlike Weatherspoons it didn’t have all the flavours the Gourmet had, however the chips were far better. Harvester is a bargain as you get a free starter which is the salad cart, although you do not get your drink included like at Weatherspoons. I award this burger a 8/10 for its value and a 6 /10 for its taste. The burger could be improved as it was burnt round the edges. 

                       At o’neill’s a cheese and bacon burger is priced at £3.49. Although it doesn’t have the onion rings like the others it is very good value. The burger relish is superb, and the portion size is better than the two above. However that could just be because the chips come in a fancy bowl. I award this burger a 9/10 for its value for money and a 8/10 for its taste. 

The Inferno


Scream burger at Inferno

Next visit was to the Inferno pub where the biggest selection of burgers awaited. However, to keep it fair to its competitors I chose the classic scream burger, with all the trimmings of bacon, cheese, and onion rings. As I went after 3pm my burger and drink combo came to £5.75, just slightly more than JD Weatherspoons. I would definitely say that this burger beats its competitors in terms of taste, scoring a whopping 9.5/10. However it does not beat Weatherspoons in comparison to price. Although for me, even being a student, I would stretch my pennies to have an inferno burger over anything else. 


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