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 I’ve always enjoyed watching Comic Relief, a Friday night of entertainment and comedy, watching celebrities as they make fools of themselves all for a good cause.  Watching the comedy sketches involving James Corden and Miranda Hart were particular highlights for me this year, and for days after people were raving on twitter about their favourite celebrities that graced the show.

However this year I felt a sense of guilt for not donating the entire contents of the money in my bank to Comic Relief, and I have a feeling Davina McCall would probably still not be impressed…well I am a student nearing the end of term so I wouldn’t be surprised about that one.

According to the BBC news, this year’s Comic Relief, which was aired on Friday 18th March and currently available to view on BBC I player, broke the record for the highest amount of donations raised in the 23 year the show has been on.

I do wonder how many of those people who donated did it out of the kindness of their heart or because they, like me, were forced out of guilt. This approach was endorsed throughout the night by celebrities and presenters on the show which cleverly racked in an amazing figure of £74.3 million for charity.

James Corden

 But at the end of the day, the money is helping to save innocent lives and if making peole feel guilty is an effective way to get money then keep doing it… Comic Relief, expect a phone call from me at the same time next year!

Another record was broken through the efforts of Comic Relief as Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave ran the longest ever marathon radio DJ show. BBC informs us that the Guinness was broken at 8.30 on the morning  of 18th March, passing the 51.5-hour mark.

It’s not to late to donate to Comic Relief , you can show your support by contributing through the Red Nose Day website, or take a look round the site to catch up on what you missed!


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