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Holly Martin (pictured right) is a second year student at Bournemouth University, studying BA (Hons) Communication and Media. In a twitter style interview I challenge Holly to answer my questions in 140 characters and no more. In this interview I ask her everything about blogging to life at University.

Me: So, what do you think of blogging?

Holly: Yeah, it’s good if you have something interesting to write about. I like being able to experiment with different writing styles on my blog.

Me: Like what?

Holly: Like doing this Q&A, and also putting other content on my blog, like features and short stories.

Me: That’s cool, so  why did you choose to study Communication and Media?

Holly: Well, I knew I wanted to do something that involved writing but just wasn’t sure what. This course seemed good as it broadened my options.

Me: What is your ideal job after university?

Holly: I would really like to work for a magazine, something like Grazia would be good.

Me: Oh I love that magazine. Have you had a gap year or will you be having one after university?

Holly: I took one before I came to university working as a receptionist at an orthodontist called Dentalign.

Me: How was that?

Holly: Yeah was okay, I enjoyed the money.

Me: Fair play. How about travelling after university?

Holly: I would really like to but I don’t think I will have the money after university. It will probably be better going after I’ve earned a bit of money. I would love to go to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Me: What do you do when your not at university?

Holly: eat, sleep, and drink lots.

Me: Sounds good! And finally, what are you doing tonight?

Holly: I’m planning to watch the Brits, and then eating lots of pancakes with my friends and boyfriend.

So there you have it. I’m sure Holly will have a great night watching the Brits while satisfying her sweet tooth!


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