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The sound of the back door banging shut wakes the golden beauty from her sleepy existence. Yawning, she allows a soft growl to escape her mouth. Regaining consciousness, she cocks her head to one side and her ears rise in alert. Where has he gone? Getting to her feet with creaking bones, she leaves the blissful place where she had last felt his touch against her silky coat. Without hesitation she goes to retrieve his soggy slipper from her basket and sits by the door. With wagging tail and baited breath the golden retriever waits, waits to feel whole again.


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 I’ve always enjoyed watching Comic Relief, a Friday night of entertainment and comedy, watching celebrities as they make fools of themselves all for a good cause.  Watching the comedy sketches involving James Corden and Miranda Hart were particular highlights for me this year, and for days after people were raving on twitter about their favourite celebrities that graced the show.

However this year I felt a sense of guilt for not donating the entire contents of the money in my bank to Comic Relief, and I have a feeling Davina McCall would probably still not be impressed…well I am a student nearing the end of term so I wouldn’t be surprised about that one.

According to the BBC news, this year’s Comic Relief, which was aired on Friday 18th March and currently available to view on BBC I player, broke the record for the highest amount of donations raised in the 23 year the show has been on.

I do wonder how many of those people who donated did it out of the kindness of their heart or because they, like me, were forced out of guilt. This approach was endorsed throughout the night by celebrities and presenters on the show which cleverly racked in an amazing figure of £74.3 million for charity.

James Corden

 But at the end of the day, the money is helping to save innocent lives and if making peole feel guilty is an effective way to get money then keep doing it… Comic Relief, expect a phone call from me at the same time next year!

Another record was broken through the efforts of Comic Relief as Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave ran the longest ever marathon radio DJ show. BBC informs us that the Guinness was broken at 8.30 on the morning  of 18th March, passing the 51.5-hour mark.

It’s not to late to donate to Comic Relief , you can show your support by contributing through the Red Nose Day website, or take a look round the site to catch up on what you missed!

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In my two years of living in Bournemouth I have discovered that going for a burger is the best hangover cure. In this time I have had some of the best burgers, and now I have decided to compare my favourites in terms of taste and value for money. These include JD Weatherspoons, Inferno, o’neills, and Harvester

Gourmet Burger at Weatherspoons

I started with the JD Weatherspoons in Winton, named The Parkstone and Heatherlands. Usually I don’t rave about their burgers, however this time I tried the gourmet burger, pictured left, priced at £5.49, including a drink and was very impressed. There was so much taste in the burger, filled with onion rings, bacon, and mountains of cheese. The relish was also very tasty. I award this burger a 9/10 for its value for money and a 8/10 for its taste, as the chips could do with some improvement. 


Harvester Burger

  At Harverster I had a beef burger, pictured right, priced at £4.99. Unlike Weatherspoons it didn’t have all the flavours the Gourmet had, however the chips were far better. Harvester is a bargain as you get a free starter which is the salad cart, although you do not get your drink included like at Weatherspoons. I award this burger a 8/10 for its value and a 6 /10 for its taste. The burger could be improved as it was burnt round the edges. 

                       At o’neill’s a cheese and bacon burger is priced at £3.49. Although it doesn’t have the onion rings like the others it is very good value. The burger relish is superb, and the portion size is better than the two above. However that could just be because the chips come in a fancy bowl. I award this burger a 9/10 for its value for money and a 8/10 for its taste. 

The Inferno


Scream burger at Inferno

Next visit was to the Inferno pub where the biggest selection of burgers awaited. However, to keep it fair to its competitors I chose the classic scream burger, with all the trimmings of bacon, cheese, and onion rings. As I went after 3pm my burger and drink combo came to £5.75, just slightly more than JD Weatherspoons. I would definitely say that this burger beats its competitors in terms of taste, scoring a whopping 9.5/10. However it does not beat Weatherspoons in comparison to price. Although for me, even being a student, I would stretch my pennies to have an inferno burger over anything else. 

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I took a picture story of all the different animals I saw in Woburn Safari Park. 

Squirrel monkey in 'Monkey Business'


Wallabies in 'Australian Walkabout'


 The park has a foot safari, where you can see the smaller animals such as the monkeys and wallabies. It is so much better than a zoo as the animals are allocated to much bigger and better habitats. It is also a much better experience for the visitors as you can actually go into their surroundings and view the animals more naturally, rather than behind bars. 

However I was quite thankful that there was a barrier protecting me from the bigger animals….

Asian Elephant


 The penguins were my favourite. 

They waddled about the water’s edge….. 

Humboldt Penguins


And Posed for the camera…


Next was a visit to see the goats. An old billy-goat gruff was really not interested in me (pictured below). 

Me and a billy-goat


 In order to do the next part which was the road safari, I needed my car…. 

Dora my dear old car


Next stop was the Kingdom of the Carnivores where we met lions and tigers, who were just a bit too close for comfort. 


I remember being very scared when this picture (below) was taken.
After seeing the big cats it calmed down a bit….only just a bit… As we drove through the African Savannah section where we saw the rhinos (pictured below).

And then we drove through the desert to see the Bactrian Camels (pictured below). 


The last leg of the Safari was driving through the African Forest, where the monkeys kept us amused with their cheeky antics (pictured below).

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  When Penguin Group rang me and offered me a two-week placement over Easter I was over the moon. I had completely forgotten I had applied, thinking that nothing would ever come of it. But the well-known book publishers seemed very happy to take me on, which I was eternally grateful for.

 On my first day I typically got lost. Clutching my trusty Google map print off, I wandered the streets of London. After a few wrong turns and repeated steps I asked a friendly doorman to direct me. After he had pointed me in the right direction I found the building in a beautiful location overlooking Westminster gardens.

 I sat waiting for my supervisor in the reception awed by the display of the recent books they had published. I then met my supervisor who was really friendly and nice. She gave me a tour of the building, in which we were on the top floor. Thank God there was a lift. Actually there was about six lifts, talk about spoilt for choice!

 I was working with the publicity team who were all really nice and were constantly busy. The work that I was involved in was really exciting as I got to do press releases, and make posters and flyers, for new books and the launches. I also attended meetings which made me feel really involved. I was allocated to my own desk and computer in perfect view of the London eye which was pretty spectacular seeing how high we were.

 I would definitely jump at the chance to go back to Penguin as it was such a rewarding experience. Even the commute was okay, except on the last day when the tube decided to turn its lights off so everyone had to get off on to the platform and then pile into the next one. But all in good time I was home wishing I was back in the exciting hub of London.

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