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As I had never used Twitter before this assignment it took a while to get used to the routine of tweeting. Throughout the process I developed a greater interest in the subjects I was tweeting about, and in the end I didn’t just see it as a something I had to do for the assignment but found it an interesting and informative exercise.

Joining Twitter at the time that I did gave me an insight into how efficiently social media is able to spread breaking news to the masses. With regards to the Christchurch and Tokyo earthquakes, Twitter became a powerful tool, people who were first-hand experiencing the disasters could inform the public quickly while others could retweet this information to ensure the news would spread. I feel using Twitter and other social media sites in this manner is a great way to keep everyone constantly updated on a variety of current affairs.

I found the process of blogging an interesting exercise. I provided a variety of posts on my site which would inform and entertain the reader, from discussing the different roles of social media sites and how journalists are using these as a tool, to the success of comic relief and how the money raised broke the news headlines. With efficient links to websites and news articles, the posts attempt to further the reader’s knowledge on a particular subject. For example the post labelled, “Emma Watson: Striving through the fashion world”, provides links to Emma Watson’s website and the People Tree website. These give a further indication about Emma Watson on a personal level, her as a designer, and an insight into fair trade clothing on a wider perspective. I found it important to provide a variety of links to give the reader a further understanding on the subject area and to give an insight into why I am blogging about it at this particular moment in time.

I intend to carry on blogging after this assignment because I find it an enjoyable experience and a great way to interact with the general public.


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